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Match Fees


All fees for senior games should be paid via the Slate App. Getting set up for this is quick and simple and those new to senior cricket will be sent an invitation to set themselves up on the system and link their account to their bank so that payment can be made on line at the touch of a button.


After games the captains will enter their team on to the system and indicate the fee payable and you will then receive a notification to pay which, once set up, you can do via your mobile phone. For junior players their accounts to can be linked to a parent who can make payment for them.


We expect all match fees from the weekend to be paid by Midnight on the Monday after the games so that by the time the teams for the following week are selected all players have fully paid for the previous week’s matches.


Captains will only accept payment for games in cash in exceptional circumstances and it is expected that all regular players will have a Slate login and use this as the means of paying their fees.


Slate is administered by the Club Treasurer and each captain has full visibility of their own teams fees. In addition, the Cricket Manager also has access to the system for all 4 teams and the Academy so can check that full payments have been made by all those playing senior cricket. Any queries or problems concerning payment should be addressed with the team captain in the first instance.


Since switching to this system not only has the feedback from players and captains alike been very favourable, match fees collected have increased significantly. The Match Fees for 2019 are as follows:


Matches with 2 meals (lunch & tea)


Seniors                                       £13.20

Academy & Colts                        £9.90


Matches with 1 Meal (tea)

Seniors                                       £11.00

Academy & Colts                        £6.60


Colts & Evening Mid-Week cup matches

Seniors                                       £3.50

Academy & Colts                        £3.50


Match fees are payable via the Slate App and should be paid up by Monday evening following the weekend matches. It is therefore important that you provide the club with your preferred email address. Slate gives us full visibility of unpaid match fees and defaulters run the risk of not being selected until their fees are fully paid up.

Contact the Treasurer

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