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Derek's Ode to Sir Tom

Updated: May 20, 2020

Our very own Derek Morgan has composed this Ode To Captain Tom.

Tune into BBC Radio Surrey on Sunday 26th April at 2.45pm (104.0FM or Freeview 722) to hear it broadcast

Ode to Captain Tom

The whole country is struggling with this deadly virus

we need more Captain Tom Moore's, who simply does what he does and without any fuss.

He started his journey to raise just a few pounds

tirelessly walking and walking around in his grounds.

One thousand pounds was his target as he began on his way,

but, it's now in excess of twenty-eight million and just keeps on growing larger and larger with each passing day.

His courage is so inspiring with a dedication that is just second to none,

and with Captain Tom Moore at the helm victory will, without any shadow of a doubt, be won.

He's so humble, so gentle, and incredibly kind,

heroes like him are just so hard to find.

Wearing his medals so proud Captain Tom Moore truly does standout in the crowd,

A true gent, a hero, of that there is no doubt

he's a man of deeds not words, a man who really is worth shouting about.

You are both Great Britain's heart as well as its soul,

and you have now gone a billion, trillion miles passed your goal, which is tremendous amazing and unbelievably good.

The nation stands, salutes and we all roar, for the indomitable Captain Tom Moore who so richly deserves to have a Knighthood.

By Derek Morgan of Guildford

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