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Normandy CC Fantasy League is back!!

As there is not going to be any cricket for the foreseeable future we will be running a fantasy league based on 1st & 2nd XI Saturday league matches randomly selected between 2010-2019. The league will start on 18th April and run initially until July 11th.

There will also be a cup competition, details will be announced when number of entrants finalised.

Entry fee will be via a donation for every team entered, the more you donate the bigger the prize fund!

A percentage will be used for prizes, details will be announced when number of entrants finalised.

Email your selection to

Please click here to pay via our donation page

Click here for list of players available


Each team must consist of:

4 BA Batsmen,

4 BO Bowlers,

2 AR All Rounders

1 WK Wicketkeeper

The total cost of a team must not exceed £60.00 million

Each team must select captain who scores 2x the points of a normal player, once selected a captain CANNOT be changed, there will be 1 transfer per week you will lose ALL points of the player going out & gain ALL of the points of the player coming in.

Points are scored as follows:

Batting 1 point per run 10 points for a not out 20 points for scoring 50+ runs 40 points for scoring 100+ runs -20 points for scoring a duck Bowling 15 points per wicket taken 30 points for taking 5+ wickets Fielding 10 points per catch 15 points per stumping 20 points per run out

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